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chinese_lotus [userpic]

Une is hiding something from me

September 15th, 2005 (01:53 pm)

and that usually means shes up to something I will not agree with, but by then it will be to late to do something about it.

I am back. I had escort some politician to L2. Very boring, not only the trip, the man too. At least he stopped talking after he noticed I wasn't going to reply anyway.

As you noticed I have gone back to work. And I am glad about that, even if my mission was a bore. Sitting at home wasn't much different, just this time I'm doing something progressive with my time.

chinese_lotus [userpic]

Bunch of ingrates

August 27th, 2005 (03:52 pm)

current mood: cranky

When I was walking home from the dojo (I have been there a lot since I have no idea what else to do in my time off) and there is this brat sitting on the edge of the curve crying, first I thought; it is not my problem let the parents handle it, but then he started wailing for his mom and I understood the problem. Long story short. I took the kid and after a while his woman comes running at me slaps me and calls me a kidnapper! I yelled at her what truly happened she turned a little red, picked up her kid, mumbled an apology and hurried off. It's not my fault she can't handle her offspring!

chinese_lotus [userpic]


August 22nd, 2005 (09:09 pm)

current mood: bored
current song: none

I have never used the internet for more then just email or to find information. But I was looking for something and found a page with a journal on it. I decided to make one for my own.
I blame the 2 weeks off from work. The boredom is about to explode my head. Either that or I get used to doing nothing or exactly what you feel like too much.

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